About Viridesco

Oil for Life

oil for life

Enjoy cannabis oils + concentrates of superior quality with Viridesco. Whether you are seeking premium RSO, or High Quality full-plant CBD Extract, Viridesco has the “Oil for Life.”

Viridesco offers accurate dosing and labeling on each of their products. Viridesco has a core value to provide unadulterated, lab tested, medical-grade hemp and cannabis-derived oils for Canada’s medical cannabis community.

Our history

We are longstanding believers in medical cannabis. We always saw the plant as a natural medicine that could aid and relieve people, which led to the concept: Viridesco

Since Viridesco’s launch, they have connected with patients + providers throughout BC and beyond.

our process

Viridesco takes pride in their products. The team takes every measure to ensure their concentrates are the cleanest and most effective. The Viridesco team supplies cannabis-derived oils crafted in a variety of extraction techniques. By partnering with different extraction professionals, Viridesco delivers high quality concentrates.

viridesco products

Viridesco's oils are packaged in a world-class precision dosing dispenser.  Compare our Patron dispenser to other oil delivery solutions, and you will see why we chose this technology for our oils.


Our offerings include small-batch Rick Simpson Oil (Phoenix Tears), CBD Hemp Oil, and more!

Viridesco even created a tolerance building program. You can utilize your choice of a 30, 60, or 90-day program with Viridesco RSO. With this product, you're supplied enough Rick Simpson Oil to last for the entire program. Included are cartridges of oil derived from the finest, organic and unrefined lab-tested resins with cold pressed hemp-seed oil.


lab testing

Viridesco is proud to offer hemp and cannabis-derived products tested by MB Labs.  We always list the top cannabinoids on the product label, and full results can be downloaded from each product page.



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Our Company's Values

Viridesco is a British Columbian company. Our aim is to provide the purest oil products available. We endeavor to set a high standard for quality and presentation.

We are committed to creating exceptionally crafted, unadulterated oils, packaged in innovative delivery systems.

Viridesco is founded on the belief that cannabinoids can promote a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. This is why our company is named after a Latin verb meaning ‘I become green’. We share these products in the hope that together we can all become “more green.”