How to Use our products


These products can be diluted into any quality organic cold-pressed oil, such as coconut oil or hemp oil. To achieve this, first warm the carrier oil and then add the desired ratio of product. After they are well mixed allow the combined carrier oil to cool sufficiently before applying to the skin. Rub a small amount of oil in to the desired area as often as necessary.

The oil may leave a sticky residue on your skin. In order to remove the sticky residue from your skin rub with coconut oil or butter, and wash with warm water.

Oral / Sub-Lingual

The most effective manner to ingest cannabinoids is sub-lingually, by holding the product under your tongue for a few minutes before ingesting. To aid the digestion, follow this step with a cup of warm tea or lemon water.

Oral doses can also be diluted into an edible organic cold pressed oil. Follow the rendering process in the Edible/Cooking & Baking section.

Vaporizing / Smoking

There are many good vaporizer technologies specially designed for extracts. To smoke these oils put a drop on top of a herbal bowl or smear a drop or two onto a rolling paper before or after rolling. Use rubbing alcohol to clean any mess or residue left on hard surfaces.

Use caution when vaporizing or smoking this oil as it is very potent, much more concentrated than its flower counter part.

Edible / Cooking & Baking

To cook with these products, it is best to render it into a carrier, such as coconut oil, hempseed oil, grapeseed oil, or organic butter. The rendering process should be performed at a low temperature (below 175°F/80°C) to not compromise the cannabinoids in the oil.

Determine what strength you want your portions to be and calculate your recipe to use accordingly